In my life I have learned that 90% of what has happened to me, both good and bad, has come from my mentality. I would say that looking at every situation in the right light with the right mind set there is not a situation that has defeated me. From drug addiction to death I have been blessed to be given the tools to overcome these situations and turned them to positive victories in my life. While I had some guides to conquer these issues I ventured through these without too much help other than my own mindset. My goal is to share with everyone this mindset and views to help others come through this with less pain and more success than I have. I would like to warn most I am not perfect and this topic is one, that I’ve found’ is most liked to be discussed, but fewest actually liked to be corrected. Not everyone will like my point of view, but I promise it works. It has for me and my friends and I want everyone that is willing to, to replace the ‘im’ with the ‘or’ in what I like to call the ‘vict’ or in other words your mindset. So please feel free to ask and share and I want us to grow together in being victors.


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