We Are The Champions, My Friend…

This Queen song is one of my favorites and it fits perfectly with the Victor mentality. Often times we just want to get the Championship ring just for stepping on the field.


Unfortunately, if you’ve ever played a sport, been in a pageant, or taken a breathe, then you probably realize that it doesn’t work that way.

You practice showmanship, basic functions, speeches, relationships, etc. on a daily basis and most the time you get it wrong, but the more you mess up the more you have the potential to learn.

Malcolm Gladwell’s book “Outliers” explores this thought, and more, with research and is a good read in my opinion. He states that it takes roughly ten thousand hours to master a particular field.

He outlines many different fields and well known icons that you never would have known spent that much time practicing to get where they are.

The truth is that no matter what your dream or what you imagine. The only person stopping you is you.

Queen’s lyrics continue with, “…and we’ll keep on fighting till the end.” It’s true you can’t stop. Even as a champion it only gets harder. You’ve set a new bar or a new standard. This means others will now know it’s possible.

It will become easier for them and harder for you. You will make mistakes as the lyrics suggest, he’s made a few. Others will come at you similar to as they tell you about sand being kicked in faces. However, you’ll come through.

Now I by no means preach Queen, but I do enjoy this and other songs as over played as this one may be at times, even today. Though it still has a great message to take from it.

Champions aren’t born through natural birth though it may seem that way at times. They are forged through mistakes, trials, failures, disabilities, and sometimes triumphs.

The only thing separating a victim and a victor as I describe them is on pushes on and the other stops.

To put it into perspective. For an average forty hour work week ten thousand hours is approximately four years, nine months, twenty five days, fourteen hours, and forty six minutes.

In 2009 I believe there was a study showing that men lived to be 76 on average in the US. That’s 15 possibilities to apply 10,000 hours towards mastering something by just 8 hours a day every day of your life. Women you live to be 81 according to this study so after he’s gone you can master something else at 8 hours a day.

There are endless possibilities if you apply yourself. I’d like to write a book and though I may be far from that at this stage in the game of “mastery” I believe these blogs in my free time will help me to achieve that goal as well as to hopefully help others achieve theirs along the way.

Thank you everyone that reads this blog and thank you for supporting my attempted mastery of not only the english language, but also of teaching and sharing. I hope you not only enjoy reading this, but take something positive from the posts.



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