Bio: I read maybe 2 books all through high school. I was the cliff notes breed. In 2008 when the economy dropped I found myself out of work, out if another failed relationship, and out of options. With nothing to do I began reading trying to find ways to improve and I found an untapped passion for knowledge. I did not like the outcomes in my life and found that if I wanted to change it was my responsibility to make that change. I noticed a pattern of blaming others and turned that into finding my own faults. It was painful and seemingly defeating at first. I have since built great relationships with new friends and firmed up the old ones. I have gotten in shape, though this is one of my weaknesses still today I'm slowly, but steadily improving my bad habits. Most of all I have become twice as successful as I was before in work and I did it by discovering a passion for what I do. I continue to grow to this day and I'm a sucker for more information. Though I may not agree with everything I read I do find everything important. If at the very least I try to find the views and behaviors of others in their writings. I love helping people to the best of my ability and hope to spark that passion in others.

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